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About Deeper Still

Deeper Still of Mountaineer County is a chapter of the national Deeper Still organization offering free and confidential weekend retreats to help bring emotional and spiritual healing to women and men who have experienced or participated in an abortion as the mother of father of the child.   If you have an abortion-wounded heart and experience guilt, shame or unforgiveness, we are here to help you!  

On a Deeper Still retreat weekend, we establish a safe environment where God's presence is strongly experienced through a community of trained layperson Christian sisters and brothers, some who likewise had an abortion-wounded heart healed by God while attending a weekend retreat, and who will teach and share their experiences, all conducted with confidentiality.   See  THE RETREAT for more detail and for an application to attend!

Deeper Still of Mountaineer Country operates under the auspices of the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Greene County Inc.  The curriculum has been created and refined by Karen A. Ellison, Founder of Deeper Still with headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee (, and author of "Healing the Hurt That Won't Heal - Freedom for the Abortion-Wounded and Help for the Church They Fear" available at:

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